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Nasal and Sinus Protection

blk. Concentrated Fulvic Charged Drops

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blk. Drops are an ideal solution when you're on the go. These flavorless drops can fulvic-charge any of the drinks you already consume, such as:

  • coffee, tea or regular water
  • protein shakes
  • soups
  • add a few drops on your salad
  • so much more!

Fulvic acid in blk. not only supports digestive health and optimizes nutrient absorption, it also supports healthy immune function, brain function, and metabolism - all of which are linked to gut health.


Add blk. Drops to your favorite beverage for an instant alkaline experience.


Magnesium, Fulvic trace mineral complex, purified water


support cellular rejuvenation
improve digestion
anti-wrinkle solution for glowing, healthy skin.
natural nutrient absorption

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How many servings are in the bottle?

Serving size: 15 drops. Servings per container: 60.

How much liquid should the drops go into?

A standard 8 oz drinking glass with water or other beverage of your choice is sufficient.

What are the ingredients?

Magnesium, Fulvic trace mineral complex, purified water